Justin Frear

Men’s Director

Justin came from a very un-churched background, unless you count the handful of months attending youth group during 8th grade.  But…the seed was planted.  Over the next few years, Justin lived life to the fullest extent that he knew:  fast cars, loud music and…well, you get the picture.  In 1994, two things occurred that would change his life irrevocably:  meeting his future bride, which, in turn, led him to develop a relationship with Jesus Christ.  A musician at heart, this new life in Christ resulted in him focused on glorifying God through music, and over the next several years, he shared God’s message through music wherever called, from tiny bars to large festivals, in churches or in homeless shelters, whether across town or across the country.

Justin has answered God’s call in a number of capacities, from music to youth leader to children’s church.  He currently leads Big House Inc.’s men’s ministry, ‘Giant Killers’ and is committed to leading as a transparent example of a Godly man.  He loves God, he loves his family, and he loves his church.

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